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Electrical spiking of psilocybin fungi


Psilocybin fungi, aka “magic” mushrooms, are well known for inducing colorful and visionary states of mind. Such psychoactive properties and the ease of cultivating their basidiocarps within low-tech setups make psilocybin fungi promising pharmacological tools for mental health applications. Understanding of the intrinsic electrical patterns occurring during the mycelial growth can be utilized for better monitoring the physiological states and needs of these species. In this study we aimed to shed light on this matter by characterizing the extra-cellular electrical potential of two popular species of psilocybin fungi: Psilocybe tampanensis and P. cubensis. As in previous experiments with other common edible mushrooms, the undisturbed fungi have shown to generate electric potential spikes and trains of spiking activity. This short analysis provides a proof of intrinsic electrical communication in psilocybin fungi, and further establishes these fungi as a valuable tool for studying fungal electro-physiology.

Gandia, A., & Adamatzky, A. (2022). Electrical spiking of psilocybin fungi. Communicative & Integrative Biology, 15(1), 226–231.